Barry’s Cheese

Barry walked into the church and straight up to the preacher’s perch.

Barry got down on his knees and prayed to God for some cheese.

Please God please, give me some cheese.

Please God please I’m on my knees.

God sent down his little toe, it said to Barry, “no, no, no”.

You will have no cheese just now if you want cheese, you need a cow.

“Ah,” said Barry, “A cow I need.”, and once again Barry did plead.

“Please God please send me a cow, send it fast, send it right now”.

So God sent down another toe, it said to Barry “Don’t you know?”

“If you feel you need a cow, you need some seed and a plow”.

Barry got back on his knees, looked up at God and started to plead.

“Why do I need seed and plow, when you just said I need a cow”.

God sent down another toe, which said, “This might come as a blow,

but to keep a cow it needs to eat and crops are what brings milk to teat”.

Barry got up off his knees and said to God without a please,

“I want my cheese and I want it now, you know where you can stick that bloody plow.

Why God do you bring me such pain, you know full well there’s been no rain.

We’re in a drought. I’ll reap no crop. You’ve sent no rain, not one stinkin’ drop.”

So God came down with cheese in toe. Scraped it off and said, “LET IT BE SO”.

I’ll give you what you asked precisely, but if had of just asked me nicely.

You might have got your rain as well.

Have your toe cheese, enjoy the smell.

I hope you’ll learn your lesson well”.


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