Sad Poem

Waa Waa


Sex is amazing
Sex is great
But don’t use a cactus
You’ll injure your date

Love is so special
Love is so free
But don’t fuck an echidna
You’ll wreck your pee pee

Fucking is cool
But sometimes not free
Don’t pay for a hooker
You’ll end up with Hep-C

Intercourse is awesome
Intercourse is fun
But leave out the pineapple
You’ll ruin your pizza

Love your fellow man
Like you love yourself
Not like that Terry
That’s bad for your health
Be kind to everyone
Including yourself
Not like that Terry
That’s bad for your health
Smile in the morning
Smile in the afternoon
Not like that Terry
Mate get off the shrooms
Look after your family
Show them lots of love
For fuck’s sake Terry
Mate, get off the drugs
Sleep well weary travellers
Be kind to yourself
Terry for fuck’s sake
Get some sleep you’ve been up for three days


Shed your skin

Have a great day
Know that you’re fine
You’re ok

We’re all fools and failures
In our own way

So don’t worry too much
About what has come and what’s past

For Jesus once said
The first will be last

It’s as much your story
As the rest of the cast

Life is a tragedy
If you don’t learn to laugh

At yourself before others
For you know all your faults

And if you don’t, you’re in trouble
For the best of us moult

We throw off our old skin
To allow for new growth

If your life is a party
Then be a good host

Don’t forget the small voices
When giving a toast

And be your own target
If it comes with a roast

For if you shed your dead skin
You’ll be right to boast

Because you’ve learnt from your lessons
And you’ve read the footnotes

About your foibles and follies
And all the things you’ve done wrong

Turn it around
It’ll play out in song

You’ve learnt to submit
To the truth of the world

The world is your oyster
So go make a pearl

– Ricky N Browne