You are safe.
You are loved.
You are listened to.
You are understood.
You are worth it.
Be Strong. Because you can.


The Long Plot 1.1 (Give All)

1. Facts Break Bad Formulas
2. Take What Is Certain
3. Totems Undone Might Create A New

4. Zoom Down Read In Between Lines
5. Find Understanding With Those Separate
6. Outrun Dirty Crooks Wisely

7. Do It Great Stand Tall
8. Have It Grand Crow To The Wind
9. Driven Large Go Slow, Don’t Rush


Stop lying

Stop lying for money
Stop lying in ego
Stop lying about yourself
To yourself
Stop lying for power
Stop lying to soothe
Stop lying for reputation
Stop lying for social dominance
Stop being a fraud
Be real
Be true
Be you
Just you
The best you
You don’t have all the answers
You can’t have all the answers
There are things known
And nothing is certain
But things that work and things that are tested
Stop lying
Stop lying for friends
Stop lying for family
Stop lying for your team
Stop lying for your tribe
Be honest
Don’t pretend to know
Sure have faith
But don’t pretend to know
Please stop lying
It affects us all

Be kind
It affects us all
You are hurt so you hurt
You feel less so you lessen
Stop judging others to redirect judgement
We are all found wanting
Be kind