Donald Trump is respected, I’m obviously not in on the joke, It is a joke, right?
Things are warming! That’s Climate. Winter is freezing. That’s weather!
Ignorant people have a voice and preach the team message
No one thinks their ignorant, except those who read
I’m not talking Facebook
Hate is spread easy
Ideas are like arseholes
Channel Seven says Carebears and Cabbage patch dolls are worth $3000
eBay must be doing TV advertising
The Christians are nice but stick with big business
Big business has power and could make the world better
Which hurts profits
The Asians were right, you should squat to shit
Black lives don’t matter unless it’s profitable
Jesus said something about love, but opinion and beliefs get in the road
The world could burn, that’s OK, the end of days means Christians are right
I love everyone but have opinions, so I am isolated
40% of life has been wiped off the planet
That’s OK, the world is evil, Jesus is returning
Choose the future or people, it seems you can’t have both
The ABC is the enemy because they are not the voice of Big Business
Big Business protects certain Christian ideal to keep them voting non-green
Pro-Life, Environment is a scam by smart people (scientists) – Evil Cabal
Gays burn, marriage is for us, not for them
Evolution is without a doubt, that means facts and truth is a lie
Thank you, America and Big Business
Club Seals they don’t matter, yesterday views
Sugar is good, Fat is bad – Money distorts truth and causes corruption
Real Love
Fake Love
Care for us or care for all
All means future
Us means Jesus is returning and also death to reality


Fuck Jack Kerouac
Fuck you Jack
Thank you Jack
Wonderful mind
But bullshit layered upon layer
Good soil
You’re bullshit Jack Kerouac