Tuna Sandwich


Please baby, please!



Please baby please, come a bit closer

give me some of that and I just might toast ya

never fear lady, not about to roast ya

take you for a ride on my roller coaster

up and down, off the ground

gunna have some fun, lets go to town

strap yourself in, you dont need a token

this rides free, but you gunna be soaken wet

witth the love i’m about to bring

I do it in rap cause I just cant sing

my circulation your increasing

theres no doubt your gods creation

cause your one fine form of adaptation

found the finest of females with the mostest

would you give me some of that, would you be my hostess

oooh eee you fine, lady like that I got the time

time to take the bells and chime, charm, you got me all up in arms

free flowen im goen and im taken you with me

we’re off to Disney to ride the cups

cause you got me in a spin my little buttercup

you’re sweeter than a hubbabuubbachubbachubbachup

time to crank the volume up

she’s popalicious and twice as nutritious

taste sweet on your tongue

dont try to smoke her, you’ll cough up a lung

eeewy magooee like chop sewy with a gewy centre

I bent her and sent her to a place where we can be together

oooo eeee, you fine, lady like that i got the time

lady like you I got the time, time to take the bells and chime

call aunt Sherly cause early come Chrissy

put a smile on your dile my fine little missy

cause on the dance floor we about to get busy

I got my present and I got her in a tizzy

pound for pound, lets move the ground

lets have some fun, lets shake this town

time to sweat, time to get wet

time to move through the air like a jet

your touch is not too much for me

to take at this time I know exactly what you want

cause I can see it in your eyes

and when you move your hips I know you tellin no lies

baby there ain’t no doubt, this is what it’s all about

baby it ain’t no thing, ain’t no thing but a chicken wing

so you want a bit of raw, hardcore, rappin’ toe tappin, head slappin, funkafiable, undeniable sound right from the underground

straight up from down town

maybe oh maybe, one day you’ll be my lady

baby oh baby you driven me crazy

the way you move, makes me want to improve

if I can just hold your hand, I’m sure to be a better man

but in the morning when you get up I like my bacon crispy, and my eggs sunny side up.

This is just inappropriate rap music. LOVE IT!

Ok, this is a hot rap ditty I’ve dropped, positive feedback welcome, I’ve taken out all the obscene language because my wife’s a prude and I don’t want her to leave me before I make it big.

Here we go, drop the mother trucken beat
Bamin slamin, droppin the salamy
Rock it to the beat and the rhythms on fire
I own three Dire wolves
Yeah sittin on the Iron throne, droppin a deuce
Baby come sit on my lap
slow clap
I pull out the map to find the treasure
in your pants, lets dance, Double time.

Flow, Grow, Sow some seeds
Watch me blow, your your mind
rip diddling and splitten
nitty gritty, go with it.

Chorus ———–—

It’s all for the price of love.
Yeah baby, all for the price of love.
Fellas you with me
All for the price of love
Yeah, all for the price of love


Second verse, break the curse
A thousand dove fly out my arse, makin me holy again
Pants too tight, grown big muscles
Not a boy anymore mom
Still your son but harder from the game

Talk shit, get smacked down
solved all the puzzles
riddle me this, as I take a dump on your face
Found grace in the god above.

Chorus ———–—

It’s all for the price of love.
Yeah baby, all for the price of love.
Fellas you with me
All for the price of love
Yeah, all for the price of love