A warm midnight

Seen a new
Once normalised by time
The magic had returned
The night held an energy
A potential
Like the warmth of full sun
Shielded by shadow
The air was light
For a moment I had returned to my youth
With the surprise of tomorrow
And with the care free nature of coddled ignorance
In safe arms
I could sleep now
Assured of new breath



Donald Trump is respected, I’m obviously not in on the joke, It is a joke, right?
Things are warming! That’s Climate. Winter is freezing. That’s weather!
Ignorant people have a voice and preach the team message
No one thinks their ignorant, except those who read
I’m not talking Facebook
Hate is spread easy
Ideas are like arseholes
Channel Seven says Carebears and Cabbage patch dolls are worth $3000
eBay must be doing TV advertising
The Christians are nice but stick with big business
Big business has power and could make the world better
Which hurts profits
The Asians were right, you should squat to shit
Black lives don’t matter unless it’s profitable
Jesus said something about love, but opinion and beliefs get in the road
The world could burn, that’s OK, the end of days means Christians are right
I love everyone but have opinions, so I am isolated
40% of life has been wiped off the planet
That’s OK, the world is evil, Jesus is returning
Choose the future or people, it seems you can’t have both
The ABC is the enemy because they are not the voice of Big Business
Big Business protects certain Christian ideal to keep them voting non-green
Pro-Life, Environment is a scam by smart people (scientists) – Evil Cabal
Gays burn, marriage is for us, not for them
Evolution is without a doubt, that means facts and truth is a lie
Thank you, America and Big Business
Club Seals they don’t matter, yesterday views
Sugar is good, Fat is bad – Money distorts truth and causes corruption
Real Love
Fake Love
Care for us or care for all
All means future
Us means Jesus is returning and also death to reality


I was born in Condobolin
In the New South of Whales
Where old men were bigots
And told wicked tales
I’d end up in Dubbo
The place of the Rams
On the same rust red dirt
On the same sacred land
It was 90% whites there and 10% Blacks
We’d patronise Koori’s
Then tell jokes to their backs
They’d get a raw deal wherever they go
I learned all the jokes
Retold like a pro
I could have sold tickets and put on a show
I could spread all that hate
And make some good dough
90% racist, I said terrible things
But I got the big laughs
So I chalked them up to wins
I got punched in the head
Twice by Black Fellas
Fucken’ black cunts
They were all fucken’ jealous
And violent to add
which proved the white fella’s views
That the blacks were all problems
And they had no excuse
But the world was a-changin’
For better, not worse
I learned of the truth
Of the black fella’s curse
They were under white thumbs
Wherever they went
And I’d stay part of the problem
If I stayed in the tent
With the racist and bigots
And know all white men
I can no longer sit there
And try to pretend
That my actions weren’t hurting
That black 10%
All the Koori’s I’d shit on
At the white man’s defence
I was the problem
Along with my mob
It was their land we trod on
It was their land we flogged
And to add insult to injury
I made all those jokes
At the expense of the proud Indigenous folk
I deserved those two punches
The punishment was light
Now I say, my black brothers
I’ll take up the fight
For the cause of a people
The Indigenous Plight
A redeemed yobbo racist
Who admits he were wrong
I’m sorry my brothers, so I put it in song
– Ricky N Browne


The best things in life

Set your own agenda
Run your own race
Find your true north
And at your own pace
Be authentic and different, but not for difference’s sake
Learn from the culture and only take what is great
Respect what is past, what was given and lost
Know that everything good, it comes at a cost
Sure the best things are free, but they still come with a price
But that cost is worth paying for the best things in life
Like family, freedom and love, and things exciting and nice
Don’t hand over your future to the roll of a dice
The cost is effort and time in meeting your needs
And you’ll grow your account by doing good deeds
Care for family, friends, your kids and your mob
And your community and land and all things under god
Get help, give help and be part of your tribe
But ignore not your heart if you’re expecting to thrive
If that’s all too much just start with your bit
You end up alone if you don’t give a shit
About everything free under the sun
Free is the best but it’s part of the sum
So give when you can and look after yourself
For you’re no good to no one if you don’t have your health
Be thankful for peace and peace of mind
Know that your truth will be written, if only in space and time

– Ricky N Browne


Not a man
Not a note
Not a bird
Not a stoat
Not a word
Not a quote
All gone
All died
All finished
Not a spark
Not a flint
Not a light
Or maybe not
Possibly not
A thought
Maybe just a thought
That is enough

– Ricky N Browne